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 Hello, my name is Erin Alexander. I am a multi-media journalist with three years of experience in broadcast and online news including being a broadcast reporter, a lead web producer and interning with Study Breaks as a writer for national breaking college news.


I began my career at Middle Tennessee State University in the fall of 2016. This is where I  was able to gain knowledge and experience in and out of the classroom on finding and putting together great news pieces for the public in broadcast, print/online and radio outlets. I have worked for MT10 News, the award winning TV news station for MTSU, and Sidelines, the student run newspaper at MTSU. During this time I have worked as a VO/SOT reporter, lead web producer and contributing writer. I went out into the field to gather compelling news stories and managed a team of three people to put together a well published website for the MT10 News channel.


From January to May of 2018, I worked as a remote intern for Study Breaks Magazine. This is a college news magazine located in Texas. The magazine focuses on college related news on a national level. I pitched and wrote articles three days a week. These articles were published to the website and to the Study Breaks Facebook and Twitter pages. I used extensive research, using multiple national news outlets as sources to tell a compelling and well rounded news piece.


I also work as a part time, on call videographer for the Cannon County Reporter. This is an independently owned news blog on Facebook. The editor has put this together in order to rival the only currently standing newspaper within Cannon County. I attend all public government meetings, school board meetings, city hall meetings and high school sports games. I record them and then upload them to a YouTube channel where the editor then uploads them to Facebook. I have gained extensive knowledge on how small town politics works.


I believe that the future of journalism is important and that we need to stick to a true and unbiased way of reporting. It is our job to inform the people of their right to know what is going on in the world they live in.

In December of 2018 I will graduate and will be seeking a job as an Assistant Producer or Digital Producer in a small local news market.

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